Frequently Asked Questions

Each MCM item comes with a 1-year warranty, which guarantees that the merchandise has been carefully inspected and is in perfect condition at the time of purchase. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects and is valid from the date of purchase. Should you find any defects on your item within the warranty period, we will happily repair or replace the faulty item for you at no additional cost (original proof of purchase is required).

MCM’s repair service is also available beyond the warranty period for a fee (depending on the level of repair need). Our client services team is happy to assist you in making arrangements.

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MCM only uses premium grade leather selected for their unique characteristics, beauty and quality. Our suppliers adhere to strict production and environmental impact codes. With the right aftercare, your MCM items are designed to withstand the demands of regular wear and tear, to last a lifetime.


The leather used in MCM products ages gently over time. Colours may naturally change and slightly darken as each piece develops a distinct and unique character. To keep your item in good shape, we recommend to

● Limit exposure to prolonged periods in direct sunlight to protect your product from discolouration

● Avoid direct contact with any form of liquids, such as creams, oils, ink, spray, perfumes, and cosmetic products

● Be mindful when inserting heavier items into the bag, so the product does not stretch out of shape

Should your item have been exposed to rain, gently pat the wet surface dry with a piece of terry cloth. Please do not rub excessively or use direct heat to dry the item quickly. We recommend letting it air dry in room temperature.


To help protect the durability and high-quality of your jewellery, please avoid direct contact with liquids. Keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures, humidity or sunlight as this may cause the jewellery to corrode. Please note that tarnishing is not a manufacturing fault.

All MCM sterling silver jewellery is rhodium-plated or 2-micron 18K gold plated. To revive lustre product should be polished with a Terry cloth before storing. Do not use tissue paper, paper towels or any rough material to clean metals, as the friction may result in micro-scratches.

*Special Notice: HAND SANITIZER

Please rest assured that alcohol-based hand sanitizers will not degrade the surface finish or color of leather. To keep your bags and accessories safe, please wait until your hands are dry after application.


Store your MCM item in its dust bag in a dry, cool place to keep your product in the best shape. Please ensure the handle or shoulder straps are not pressed or creased during storage. Should you ever wish to store the item for an extended period, we advise stuffing your bag to keep it in its intended shape for additional support.

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